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Summer. Ah, feels great just saying it, right? That’s because there’s no other word in the English language as jam-packed with possibilities. From lounging lakeside in a hammock to paddling the Nahanni River, there’s something for everyone, and let’s not forget all the celebratory moments. On that note, let us give you and yours a tour of our curated beer cooler. Maybe we’ve got some of your favourites, or maybe you’ll discover something new.


On a scorching hot day, way down in the iciest depths of the cooler, we’ve got domestic and international pilsners. We call these “friend to most” because of their refreshing, hoppy flavour. In fact, what makes pilsners so easy to love is their mysterious subtleness: the colder they are, the lighter the hop; their minimal fizz is pleasing on the mouth; and their light malty charm smells familiar, right? That’s because pilsners have been around for a long time (early nineteenth century!) and they would have been the beer your parents and their parents drank. Pilsners are chameleonic; you can pair them with aged cheese, potato chips, or a spicy garlic flank steak.



Radlers are also a must on hot summer days and nights. These quiet underdogs do double duty because the lager or wheat beer content satisfies the desire for a cold beer, but the grapefruit juice or lemonade its mixed with satiates thirst. Characteristically low in alcohol content, radlers are so easy to pair with anything coming off the BBQ grill, as well as fruit salads or gazpacho. We almost forgot to mention that any radler in our cooler is 100% natural, containing no artificial colours or dyes to provide the fruitiness. 


Whether it’s just for the day or several weeks on end, the lazy days of summer give us the opportunity to get out of our heads and try new things. On that note, may we suggest you sample a few different IPAs. If you’re a fan, you already know India Pale Ales are phenomenally bold beers – some might even say epic! If you’re new to them, know this: they’re available in an enormous variety of fragrant and full-bodied incarnations. The ratio of hops to malt depends exclusively on the brewmaster. Alcohol volume tends to run higher, from 5-10%. An IPA made with only two hops is light years away from an IPA made with five hops. When it comes to IPA, think life-changing moments. This beer is experiential in nature – best shared with adventurous friends. If you ordered an IPA and you’re staring at a lunch menu, go for rich and savoury, like the four-cheese nachos, tempura tacos or a hearty grain and bean salad.


Originally crafted in Bavaria, hefeweizen – as it was known in the mid 1400s – is now called by a variety of names! Weisse, blanche, wheat or white, the name referring to its hazy pale colour. Made from a minimum of 50% wheat – malted, unmalted or smoked – they’re perfect for hot weather because they’re refreshing, low in alcohol and a delight to the nose. Most microbrews use specialized yeast strains which gives the beer unique spicy scents. Alternately, regular ale yeast may be used, but the beer is infused with fruit and other flavours such as clove or coriander. At its best served very cold, and preferably in a tapered glass to trap the beer’s unfiltered yeast, this is hands down our go-to summer beer.

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