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    “Every single time you taste a glass of wine, it’s an opportunity to learn something new and sharpen your skills,” says Chase Brackenbury, Wine Ambassador at Liquor Depot. If you’re new to the wonders of wine, or simply looking for a refresher, follow along as Chase walks us through the delightful art of wine tasting. WHAT COLOUR IS YOUR WINE? Congratulations! You’ve picked a bottle of wine and you’ve poured some into glasses for you and your guests. Now what? “Simply look at the wine,” Chase recommends. “Search for any clues that can indicate a sense of quality, age, and style.” It’s useful to look at the wine’s colour and concentration because normally red wine loses colour with age and gains a garnet, tawny rim. On the other hand, white wine gains yellow and golden hues with age. WHAT’S THE WINE TRYING TO SAY? Ever pour your favourite wine, only to be greeted with a musty, wet cardboard aroma? “It’s important to know that any wine with a natural cork is susceptible to cork taint, referred to as corked wine,” explains Chase. When ...
  • Welcome to Celebration Nation! Posted 2 years ago
    Welcome to Celebration Nation! This handcrafted blog is for those of you looking to immerse yourself in all things beer, spirits, wine, trendy cocktails and made-to-order mocktails. Think dream-come-true ladies’ lounge, musky man cave, a library of libatious delights. If you’re an India Pale Ale hound who sets alerts for new releases, a bourbonophile who will stop at nothing until everything’s infused with mash, a newbie whiskey convert, or a gin genealogist, then kick off your shoes because you’re finally home!   What we’ve got here are barrels and buckets of unique stories. We’ll feature the dynasties that have been crafting bourbon since Prohibition. We’ll spotlight newly discovered wine regions, and rekindle our adoration of old world regions. We’ll bring you discoveries and experiments for classics made new again. When the time’s right, we’ll give the trends a turn. And there’s our personal stories, too. Every time we gather with our friends and family, we’re reminded of past adventures – or we write new stories. The icy cold beers at the bottom of the cooler remind us of the first ...
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